South East Europe improved virtual accessibility through joint initiatives facilitating the rollout of broadband networks
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Prime Satcom Consulting Ltd
Type: Consulting FirmsService providers
Region: EUOther
Technology: Satellite

Prime Satcom Consulting Ltd is a premier satellite broadband, sales and management consulting service for the satellite communications community. With over 19 years in satellite systems we bring excellence and experience to your business. Our focus is on results, sharing risk and success.

We bring resources and capability to fill gaps in satellite communication programs and sales campaigns, whether you are an equipment manufacturer, service provider or buyer of satellite communication services.

As satellite communications becomes more competitive and technology moves ahead rapidly, the need for consultant services becomes a necessity to ensure change is implemented quickly and efficiently. Growth will mean more staff need to be recruited, however, without consultant advice the company faces high risk. Prime Satcom can deliver consultant services to enable you to quickly target new opportunities at the critical start up phase. As you grow, consultant training can be provided to ensure your staff are able to deliver successfully.
Type: Service providers
Region: EUOther
Technology: Mobile, or Roaming free mobile broadband Europe, is based in Denmark and is a part of DDGroup. As any other, international roaming agrreement, DDGroup ( is using the established mobile broadband networks across Europe. It works closely together with all teelecoms that has agreements with. In their own support dept anyone can find best university educated experts available and ofcourse we also pull on the expertise available with the telecoms.

Solon Management Consulting GmbH & Co. KG
Type: Consulting Firms
Region: EUOther
Technology: Cable

Solon is the leading consultancy for the European Cable TV industry. Services range from the development and implementation of corporate strategies to M&A transaction support. Clients include Cable operators, telecommunication and media companies, as well as banks and private equity funds.

Cable Europe
Type: Operators
Region: EU
Technology: Cable

Cable Europe is the trade association that connects leading broadband cable TV operators and their national trade associations throughout the European Union.
Cable Europe is a not-for-profit, non-commercial professional membership organisation. Cable Europe membership is open to broadband cable TV operators and national cable associations within the European Union.
The European cable TV industry provides high speed broadband internet, digital TV services,  and telephony to more than 76 million customers.

European Telecommunications Standards Institute
Type: RegulatorsEU institutions
Region: EUAll
Technology: DSLCableFTTxMobileWLANSatellite

ETSI, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, produces globally-applicable standards for Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), including fixed, mobile, radio, converged, broadcast and internet technologies.

We are officially recognized by the European Union as a European Standards Organization. The high quality of our work and our open approach to standardization has helped us evolve into a European roots - global branches operation with a solid reputation for technical excellence.

ETSI is a not-for-profit organization with more than 700 ETSI member organizations drawn from 62 countries across 5 continents world-wide.

In this section you will find a more detailed description of ETSI, information on how we work, how we are structured, our role and useful information for visiting ETSI.

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The SIVA project is being funded under Priority Axis 3 – Improvement of the Accessibility of the South East Europe Programme, achieving the corresponding objectives through the Area of Intervention (AoI) 3.2 – Develop strategies to tackle the 'digital divide'.

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