South East Europe improved virtual accessibility through joint initiatives facilitating the rollout of broadband networks
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InAccess Networks S.A.
Type: Consulting Firms
Region: ItalyGreeceOther
Technology: DSLCableFTTxMobileWLANSatellite

Founded in 2000, Inaccess focuses on renewable energy and telecom infrastructure management. Our company designs and develops state-of-the-art products and solutions which give our partners invaluable access to information, enabling them maximize viability and effectiveness of their investments through performance optimization and OPEX reduction.
Headquartered in London, UK, and with presence in Europe, North America and Asia, the company is well established through long term cooperation with major energy producers, large constructors and telecom operators.

The company’s main activities are the design, development and implementation of remote monitoring and control solutions for renewable energy, through our vendor independent system insolar and for electromechanical equipment of telecom operators, through our centralized and integrated system insite. In addition we offer customized solutions for more complex and demanding applications. Our main clients are from the renewable energy sector including developers, infrastructure investors and constructors, as well as from telecommunications and broadcasting.

Type: Service providers
Region: ItalyOther
Technology: MobileWLANSatellite

Telit Wireless Solutions is an enabler of the global machine-to-machine (m2m) movement. The company views m2m as the space intersected by the following three technology pillars
1. Long-range cellular connection of devices to each-other and the Internet of Things (IoT);
2. Short-to-long range license free wireless connection of devices to their peripherals, to each other, and to long-range gateways;
3. Position awareness for all connected devices.

In fulfilling the role of enabler of this space, exclusively, and for over 12 years, the company advances its technology leadership from eight R&D centers around the globe. Furthermore Telit streamlines adoption and integration of long-range cellular technology by enhancing it with necessary services and end-to-end connectivity to transform the cellular m2m module from a component to a solution, connecting your assets to the enterprise systems they feed into. m2mAIR is the company's business unit delivering these value added services with wireless connectivity, cloud solutions and an intuitive, easy to use application enablement platform (AEP).

Telit delivers its extensive portfolio of cellular, short-range, and positioning products in over 80 countries. By making these products business scalable, interchangeable across families, technologies, and generations, and with high quality standards, Telit keeps development cycles short and cost optimized, protects customer design investments, and removes technology risk.

Type: OperatorsService providers
Region: ItalyOther
Technology: MobileSatellite

Telespazio is one of the world’s leading operators for launch and early orbit phase as well as in orbit control for satellites and satellite fleets throughout their operating life. Telespazio’s highly skilled staff, with their strong and internationally recognised know-how, operate via the company’s own space centres in Italy, as well as through a customer infrastructure: at the Broglio Space Center in Malindi (Kenya); the Kourou launch site (French Guiana); the Malargue station (Argentina); the military sites at Vigna di Valle and Pratica di Mare (Italy), and Creil and Maysons-Lafitte (France).
Telespazio offers dedicated services for the oil and gas, transport and navigation sectors, implementing fixed-line, mobile broadband satellite solutions and mobile satellite services (MSS) in Italy and abroad. It provides innovative solutions for applications and services in civil protection, security and e-government. Trunking and backhauling services for Telco operators are also included in its product portfolio, mainly for Latin America and supported by teleports managed by Telespazio in Brazil and Argentina. 

Type: Service providers
Region: ItalyAustriaBulgariaGreeceSloveniaMontenegroOther
Technology: Satellite

BT Italia
Type: Service providers
Region: Italy
Technology: DSLCableFTTxMobileWLAN

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The SIVA project is being funded under Priority Axis 3 – Improvement of the Accessibility of the South East Europe Programme, achieving the corresponding objectives through the Area of Intervention (AoI) 3.2 – Develop strategies to tackle the 'digital divide'.

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