South East Europe improved virtual accessibility through joint initiatives facilitating the rollout of broadband networks
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4th Project Meeting in Campobasso, Italy

On 27th February took place the 4th project meeting of SIVA project in Campobasso, Italy. Organizer of the meeting was the Region of Molise in the capital the Region in Campobasso town where the meeting was held.

The project meeting examined the progress achieved within the 3 months after the previous meeting in Burgas, Bulgaria and set new goals and targets for the forthcoming period.


The meeting focused especially on the WP 4 titled: “Services, standards and information system to improve the virtual accessibility of SEE areas”. This work package is one of the most important parts of the project due to the pilot studies and the operational tools that will be developed through this work.


The first tool has to do with the Geo-spatial Analysis Tool for the Cost-Effectiveness of Broadband Technologies and the data is being collected by 6 different partner areas from Italy, Greece, F.Y.R.O.M., Bulgaria based on-site surveys for the citizens satisfaction on broadband networks. The tool will be available online and it provides statistical information about the citizens’ satisfaction, the characteristics of the users and the actual penetration of broadband in these areas. The importance of this tool is based on the actual data coming from the Regions and it will provide a very good insight of the broadband penetration and the people satisfaction from the services provided.


The second tool has to do with the “Mapping of Physical Infrastructure & Assessing Cost Savings” which will examine real cases coming from the participated regions where sharing of infrastructures for the expansion of broadband networks could emerge. The UoP will develop this tool and examine how existed infrastructures networks could be used for the expansion of broadband networks in a town or district area and what would be the financial benefits out of that. This tool will be transferrable to other territorial areas Europe wide.


On WP5 the Good Practices of broadband networks and services will be collected from every territorial district and after that, online focus groups will be created, engaging local stakeholders to participate on consultation events on LinkedIn regarding, “common policy approaches for mutual compatible spectrum management and valorization of the digital dividend”.


On WP6 discussion, consultation events, accessibility strategy workshop and capitalizations actions will be held during the last period of the project. Not exclusively, a discussion on common policies for integrate infrastructure mapping will take place which will lead to the development of a common guidelines for the maximization of use and sharing of physical infrastructures, exchange the experiences on Good Practices selected in dedicated events and bring into discussion with local stakeholders and ‘key’ persons in every project region. 

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The SIVA project is being funded under Priority Axis 3 – Improvement of the Accessibility of the South East Europe Programme, achieving the corresponding objectives through the Area of Intervention (AoI) 3.2 – Develop strategies to tackle the 'digital divide'.

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