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Consultation Conference for the “DG CONNECT NIPS Study”

The European Commission’s DG CONNECT, Capgemini, tech4i2 and Deloitte organized the consultation conference of the on-going Study on the readiness of Member States for a common pan-European network infrastructure for public services (NIPS -SMART2012/0048). This study is linked to the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Initiative, which intends to pave the way for the deployment of interoperable, digital public services across Europe. This summer, stakeholders from all over Europe joined them for two online workshops and took part in the preliminary outcomes of the study, and made valuable contributions to the study by providing their opinions and country-level experiences. Building on the collaborative spirit of these events they hope to continue the discussion and information exchange between the EC, the study team and the stakeholders around Europe.


Key objectives of this conference included:

  • Present the key findings of the study and gather stakeholder feed-back;
  • Highlight stakeholder experience on network infrastructure solutions to date; 
  • Spark a debate on the possible future scenarios and ownership models for pan-European network infrastructure for public services;
  • Explore what lies beyond the NIPS study


This conference specifically welcomed participants from:

  • Public administrations – officials and policy makers that are concerned with public digital network infrastructures and standardization in information exchange between administrations, advisors engaged with eGoverment architecture, public digital network infrastructures and IT Governance, as well as interoperability experts
  • Public network service providers
  • Digital service infrastructures (CCN/CSI, EESSI, STORK, SPOCS)
  • Research and education networks


For the full agenda and background note, please download the attachment.

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The SIVA project is being funded under Priority Axis 3 – Improvement of the Accessibility of the South East Europe Programme, achieving the corresponding objectives through the Area of Intervention (AoI) 3.2 – Develop strategies to tackle the 'digital divide'.

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