Подобрување на виртуелниот пристап во Југоисточна Европа преку заеднички иницијативи кои го помагаат распространувањето на широкопојасните мрежи
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Ресурси од полето на широкопојасен интернет

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Transnational Conference for the Improvement of Virtual Accessibility through joint initiatives facilitating the rollout of broadband networks in South East Europe
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A comprehensive framework for future broadband policy. Assessing the EU initiatives.
Тип: Проценка на влијаниетоИстражувачки трудови
Региони: ЕУ
Технологија: DSLКабелскиFTTxМобилниWLANСателитски

For more than two decades, broadband has been recognized in the EU as having great benefits for economic and social development. This recognition is evident in the first EU policy document on the telecommunications market – the 1987 Green Paper – which assumed that harmonization and liberalization through competition mechanisms could be used as tools to bring all those benefits to European citizens. Although the policy emphasized competition mechanisms in the years that followed, many additional instruments were developed and implemented in order to make broadband available to all European citizens. Some of the instruments can be seen in the form of directives, and some in the many policy strategies. All of them make a considerable contribution to the growth of broadband deployment in the EU. However, the importance of broadband infrastructures is furthermore elevated in the context of an emerging information society representing a fundamental transformation of social and economic structures resulting from innovation in information and communication technologies. With globalization, the policy impetus for broadband has shifted towards a means to increase the competitiveness of a nation or region. In addition, concerns of sustainability have emerged as a central issue for the long-run development of modern societies, and questions have been raised about the role of broadband in this context. This changing emphasis, due to globalization, competitiveness, and sustainability, impacts the design of policy instruments. A question can be raised as to which instruments can serve a new concept for future broadband policy.

Trends in European broadband markets. Digital agenda Scoreboard 2014
Тип: Проценка на влијанието
Региони: ЕУ
Технологија: DSLКабелскиFTTxМобилниWLANСателитски

It constitutes a presentation with facts and figures for the availability of broadband networks per coverage and technology in EU per country, subscriptions per technology and operator market shares, and comparison among EU states.

Demand for Superfast Broadband: Understanding demand in Europe, the US and Asia; how the UK is currently performing; and what might impact take-up in the UK in the future
Тип: Проценка на влијанието
Региони: ИталијаЕУДруго
Технологија: DSLКабелскиFTTxМобилниWLANСателитски

A necessary component for building understanding of use and benefit is consumer demand for and take-up of superfast broadband services and this is the focus of this report. This study goes beyond the headline take-up figures reported for superfast broadband across a number of markets to try and understand better the underlying demand and specifically, actual consumer willingness to pay for such services.

The Impact of Broadband on Growth and Productivity
Тип: Проценка на влијанието
Региони: ИталијаЕУ
Технологија: DSLКабелскиFTTxМобилниWLANСателитски

This study has been commissioned by the Directorate General Information and Media of the European Commission in order to provide policy makers with a quantitative evaluation of the impacts of broadband technology on the European economy. This research has been undertaken at a very interesting time, when the calculation of such impact is far from trivial, but intense work and numerous datasets are available worldwide and provide a basis for a quantitative analysis of the impact of broadband. This study not only draws attention to figures and results; it also provides elements of a structural analysis of the way broadband influences evolution in the economy and contributes to growth and employment creation in Europe.

The Broadband Bonus: Estimating Broadband Internet’s Economic Value
Тип: Проценка на влијанието
Региони: Друго
Технологија: DSLКабелскиСателитски

How much economic value did the diffusion of broadband Internet create? Despite the importance of the question for several national policy debates, no research provides proper estimates of broadband’s incremental contribution to the creation of economic value. 

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The SIVA project is being funded under Priority Axis 3 – Improvement of the Accessibility of the South East Europe Programme, achieving the corresponding objectives through the Area of Intervention (AoI) 3.2 – Develop strategies to tackle the 'digital divide'.

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