South East Europe improved virtual accessibility through joint initiatives facilitating the rollout of broadband networks
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The project South East Europe improved virtual accessibility through joint initiatives 
facilitating the rollout of broadband networks (SIVA) aims to contribute to the improvement 
of virtual accessibility in South East Europe through broadband services, supplementing 
physical accessibility and narrowing the digital inequalities in the area.  
The project supports the goals of EU's strategy on digital technologies, namely the Digital 
Agenda, which aims to deliver download rates of 30 Mbps for all European citizens and at 
least 50% of households subscribing to internet connections above 100 Mbps by 2020. 
There are 11 partners involved, which cover 8 countries in the SEE region. The activities are 
financed by the SEE Transnational Cooperaton Programme of the EU. 

The SIVA project is being funded under Priority Axis 3 – Improvement of the Accessibility of the South East Europe Programme, achieving the corresponding objectives through the Area of Intervention (AoI) 3.2 – Develop strategies to tackle the 'digital divide'.

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